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Hello Windchill My Old Fiend

I'm going to take a break today from introductions because, well, it's snowy, cold, and I don't feel like I would do a bunny introduction justice today. I am two days late on my normally scheduled blog posting, but today is a sit back, relax, and catch up on stuff sort of day.

Before going into the story of the week, let me just post this sweet picture of our babies who are a week old as of Saturday! We did lose one the second day, but the rest are all fat and happy and thriving. Nutmeg is such a good mamma! I have learned so much with this first litter and am super excited to continue to grow in my knowledge and experience.

That being said, if you want to test the metal of someone who is determined to do the kind of work and provide the kind of services I am so inclined to do, we have the perfect weather for it: snow, windchill, and just plain old COLD temperatures. Outdoor work is a negative in the negatives, that's for sure, and preparation is key, but there are going to be times where preparation is not enough.

My "bunny dealer's" outdoor facilities had the roof collapse under the snow. I'm not talking an inch here, but a nice 6-8 inch layer of the white not so fluffy stuff. My car got stuck in the driveway because the power was out at the time and in my brilliance I thought I could stop, close the garage door, and then get going again. HA! It didn't happen. Instead I bundled up and walked over like some hairy cross between a penguin and a polar bear. I did not work nearly as long or as hard as my friend, but a few hours of working under a fallen canvas frame gave me a new determination that I want to be that support person to others.

Because all the backyard bunnies needed to be moved to a more secure location in this weather, we now have 11 bunnies housed in our garage, three of which are expecting mothers. I love it! Talk about motivation to finish an organization project that has been pushed to the back burner for about two years! I don't think my garage has looked this good since we moved into the place.

Saturday I went to my local farm store and shopped my monthly subscription box. My farm friend had my business card hanging behind her, and the friend I was with commented on it. It was then my farm friend said "I was thinking about you in this weather. Are you sure you want to do this?" My answer was a resounding "Absolutely!"

Just because something can be hard, doesn't mean that the return on that investment is not worth it. In fact, I think the testing of my metal this week has served to increase my determination to offer support to people who live the way I want to live but can only get a sneak peek of in my own life. I admire those who commit to caring for animals, putting their own lives second to make sure that the things in their care are genuinely cared for, and I would love to see them get a much needed break without having to live in worry that they are not doing their job.

The truth is, farmers don't get days off. Animal people don't get days off. They just juggle schedules to make sure things get done as needed. And every so often I'd like to see them get a day to just breathe and enjoy the fruits of their labors without the added laboring.

So, yes, my heart is in it, through snow, cold, and windchill that would freeze hell over. The next weather test will be in the heat of summer, but for now, my metal is holding strong!

What experience have you had with the weather? Anything exceptionally challenging? Did it teach you ways you could grow in the way you were doing things? I'd love to hear your experiences. As always, I can be reached at the number on the page, via email, or through the contact portion of this site.

Stay warm all, and have a beautiful white winter!

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