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Honka Tonka Big Boy Bunny

Meet Tonka Buck. We just call him Tonka. He is our second largest rabbit. This was the day we brought him home and he was already about twice the size he was when I picked him out.

Boy this guy has grown. Compare his size with my husband's hand above, and my foot here. He is our big boy, the biggest buck in our little rabbit room, the largest rabbit overall being a sweet doe named Nutmeg who will be introduced in the next couple weeks.

Don't let this cute face fool you. This guy is a little hooligan! He has such a confident personality that I tend to cringe when he gets his face too close to me. I may be the boss lady, but that boy is the boss bunny, and we have had to work with him to keep him from biting the hands that feed him. I think he is only as well behaved as he is because he knows from whom his food comes and he kind of likes to eat!

Tonka makes the cutest sounds also. He hums when he is happy, and he does a lot of humming. He is especially happy when he is around the ladies. This weekend we rearranged and made separate girl and boy dorms because in addition to happy noises, being co-ed tends to bring on the spraying, and it is nearly impossible to not get caught in the cross fire. So far, it has toned down a lot and I am super happy about that! We have right around a week to go before we know if Tonka is a daddy. Biscuit, our white rabbit with pink eyes would be the mom. She and Nutmeg are from the same litter. Tonka's brother Stew is waiting to see if he gets daddy status too. Our buns will be first time parents, and I will be a first time "bunmamma." Depending on how things go in the coming week, we may be introducing one rabbit or many! Exciting times here at the Barking Bunny! I am so glad y'all are along for the ride. If you want to share your own bunny experiences, or just set up a meet and greet as a "just in case" for those unexpected occasions, I can be reached by phone, email, or through the contact section on this site for information. I would love to meet you!

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