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One Spicy Girl and a Lot of Little Things

Meet Nutmeg. Or at least that is usually how my bunny intros start. Today, however, is a special day. So, meet Nutmeg and Stew. Nutmeg will be the primary focus, but the special that is today also involves the grey Stew-Stew, as we affectionately call him, so here he is.

Nutmeg has her name because these three were intended for the chop shop to be prepped for freezer camp, but I decided I wanted a breeding trio so she (and Stew and Biscuit) came home with me. Thus the food names. They will be pets when they retire as breeders, but they sort of already are anyway.

This girl is a drama major. She is very animated, very vocal, and very much the spicy that her name implies.

Exactly thirty-one days ago today, we bred these two. Yesterday was her due date and when I got home, she was being her spicy self with a bit of a twist.

She had torn up a box and added it to her nest box also. Then during floor time, she tried to drag one of the floor blankets into her cage. I was laughing so hard. She actually managed to drag it a good two feet (at least the corner of it) before she gave up on it and tried to get little bits of it, albeit unsuccessfully.

There were still no babies today, so my favorite bunny dealer, er, I mean, my neighbor who got me hooked on rabbits, shared her wisdom. When I got home, I gave them the treats she suggested, and not long after, Nutmeg was pulling out fur. I went ahead and let the others out for a shorter period than normal so they still got floor time but mamma wouldn't be overstimulated, and then came upstairs for a bit. I had neglected to eat in all the excitement, so decided I would run to the store. But first, one more peek at the progress.

And, there it was! The most precious thing I have ever seen! Movement!

I pulled it out and counted. Seven precious little things! I couldn't get a good picture with the movement and the lighting, but got a nice blurry one that I can share. BABIES!

On that note, now that I finally have a full belly and a happy heart, I am going to go relax for a bit and bask for a while in the glow of being a first time bunmamma. I am super excited to see how this goes and add another step in my learning curve education of small animal care.

Have any of you experienced your fur babies having babies? If you had to pick only one tip to share, what would be your top pick?

Feel free to use the contact form, or shoot me an email. or call the number listed and share your wisdom. I am always grateful to hear a variety of perspectives from others more experienced! Have a great night everyone! Updates to come!

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